Hungry Child

Hunger is a year round problem. While most individuals and companies make large donations and take time to volunteer at food banks and shelters in November and December, come February and the food banks are in short supply again.  One of the biggest challenges is remembering that many families have two working adults supporting their children and are still unable to make enough to buy food. Supporting these families around the holiday season is great and very much needed,  but for these families it doesn’t end there. In the United States there are over 16 million children who are food insecure and unsure of when they will have their next meal.  Children who aren’t able to eat nutritious food have more difficulty concentrating in school because of stomach and head aches. Therefore these children aren’t able to reach their full academic potential due to the lack of food.

There are many ways to help such as contacting your child’s school to see if they have a breakfast program set up, ask about how many families are enrolled in SNAP (food stamps) and how many children are in the free lunch program. If possible organize a breakfast program with parents who are able to purchase a simple nutritious breakfast for their child’s class (a piece of fruit like a banana or orange, healthy granola bar, milk, yogurt, or other healthy options). By providing children with breakfast it allows them to kick start their day and enable them to focus better and contributes to fewer behavioral problems. Another way to help hungry children in your community is to work with local food pantries or religious organizations to have a weekly dinner for hungry families. Have members of your community donate food and supplies, volunteer to prepare and serve food, and spread the word to needy families that there is a nutritious meal for them. If you aren’t able to organize these types of programs or events, other ways to help are to make a donation ($10 can provide a child with 30 meals) or sign up to volunteer at a local food bank/pantry. It only takes one person to make a difference, here’s your chance!


Senior Service Learning Project helps Aid the Community

December 20, 2012

At Silverton high school in Silverton, OR, one of the graduation requirements is the completion of a Senior Service Learning Project.  This is a capstone course to each student’s high school experience, as well as a bridge across the gap between High School and College or a Career.  The senior project is an active learning project […]

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